Novel technique to preserve privacy and optimal meeting location finder on android device

Nishant B.Chobitkar

Now a day’s highly interlinked urban residents are increasingly dependent on smart phones and mobile devices to map and manage their daily lives. In modern data sharing society most of the people demands some extra mechanism to share their resources with the help of smart phones. This smart phone plays a huge role in it. These smart phones contains lots of applications to provide service to the user, location based services is including in this case. But the major question arises, that the sharing data is secure or not? For answering these everybody depends on the third party service providers. But many of the people do not want to reveal their location information to third party service provider. In this paper, we present an android application that give facility to calculate the optimal meeting location and time to meet without revealing their information to other user or third party vendor. Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm is used for privacy-preserving of meeting location data.

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