Non invasive methods of sedation in paediatric dentistry-a review

Ruksana Sheik and Shanmugaavel A.K

Aim: To do a review on the different non invasive methods of sedation in paediatric dentistry
Objective: To learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques of sedation.
Background: Dental anxiety and fear of the dental treatment have been recognised as a source of problems in children management which can affect the quality of the treatment. The dental procedure can be easily done with the help of sedation in these children. Procedural sedation is the administration of sedative or dissociative agents, with or without analgesics, to induce a state that allows the children to tolerate unpleasant procedures while maintaining cardio respiratory function.
Reason: To know about the various techniques of sedation which helps us to manage the uncooperative children and elicit a successful treatment.

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