New spectrophotometric estimation of frusemide in the tablets using mixed solvency approach

Sanjay Jain., R.K. Maheshwari., Rajesh Kumar Nema and Indrajeet Singhvi

Organic solvents are most frequently employed in spectrophotometric analyses. They may be sources of pollution. Some of them may be toxic while others may be costlier. Volatility may be a source of inaccuracy in spectrophotometric estimations. In the present investigation, it was proposed to solubilize Frusemide by use of mixed solvency concept. Frusemide shows maximum absorbance in the concentration range of 10-50µg/ml at 330 nm. Method of analyses have been validated for different parameters like linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD and LOQ. The percent drug estimated in tablet formulation of Batch-I and of Batch-II were 100.75±0.216 and 100.88±0.060 respectively. The range of percent recoveries varied from 100.37±0.175 to 101.25±0.373. Sodium Benzoate, Niacinamide and sodium Caprylate do not interfere above300 nm. The analytical method was found to be simple, safe (free from toxicity), economic and eco-friendly.

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