Mucormycotic vertebral osteomyelitis in a non immunocompromised patient- a rare case report

Mohammad Haroon and Yashmin Nisha

Mucormycotic infestations of humans are opportunistic infections and are rare but life threatening conditions. They are caused due to fungi of class Zygomycosis of order Mucorales comprising of Mucor, Rhizopus, Absidia and Mortierella. Most commonly reported sites are pulmonary, rhinocerebral and skin. Musculoskeletal system particularly spine is least frequently involved site and only few cases have been reported in English literature. Most commonly it occurs in immunocompromised states like diabetes, corticosteroids use, organ transplantation, burns, malignant hematologic disorders and neonatal prematurity. We herein report a case of Mucormycotic vertebral osteomyelitis of lumbar region in a patient with no known predisposing condition.

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