Modified halterman appliance-a key to alter bilateral ectopic eruption of maxillary permanent first molars

Madu Ghanashyam Prasad., Deepika.Mamidi., Ambati Naga Radhakrishna and KVK.Santosh Kumar

The purpose of this case report was to introduce a simple method of correcting bilateral ectopic eruption of permanent molars using modified Halterman appliance. An 8-year-old boy reported to the Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry with a chief complaint of food lodgement in his upper right and left back tooth region. Clinical and radiographic examination revealed proximal caries to right and left upper deciduous first as well as second molars and also the mesial surfaces of permanent first molars were well below the distal surfaces of deciduous second molars suggesting ectopic eruption. The ectopically erupting maxillary permanent first molars were successfully treated by distalization within 5 months using modified Halterman appliance combined with Nance Palatal arch.

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