A model for faculty evaluation in higher education ecuadorian through multi-criteria decision analysis

Iván F. Jaramillo, Roberto B. Pico and Carlos V. Márquez De La Plata

The Information systems do not work alone and it is not possible to buy one adjusted to business requirements, their construction is a process that start of models and conform to the standards of the organization, governmental, political, financial and others. This paper is oriented to provide a model based in Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) to evaluate the teaching quality, in particular case of Quevedo State Technical University, Ecuadorian University located in the regionof “Los Ríos”.

The model has to adjust to both governmental and institutional laws and regulations, and then to analyze the quality requirements of state institutions; the selection of accepted method is important to ensure objectivity, transparency and acceptance in community University.

The design of model has as main elements the definition of requirements, structuring of objectives through trees of hierarchical objectives, according informant type and the modeling of preferences to obtain good utility functions.

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