Modeing & incorporation of svc & tcsc in 24 bus for atc improvement employ real genetic algorithm

Sharad Chandra Rajpoot and Prashant Singh Rajpoot

In this paper, the use of TCSC and SVC to maximize Available Transfer Capability (ATC) generally defined as the maximum power transfer transaction between a specific power-seller and a power-buyer in a network during normal and contingency cases. In this thesis, ATC is computed using Continuous Power Flow (CPF) method considering both line thermal limit as well as bus voltage limits. Real-code Genetic Algorithm is used as the optimization tool to determine the location as well as the controlling parameter of TCSC or SVC simultaneously. The performance of the Real-code Genetic Algorithm has been tested on IEEE 24-Bus Reliability Test System.
Genetic algorithms are search algorithms based on the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics, inspired from the biological evolution, survival of the fittest among string structures with a structured yet, randomized information exchange with in the population to form a search algorithm with some of the innovative flair of human search. In every generation a new set of artificial creatures (strings) created using bits and piece of the old, an occasional new part is tried for good measure. Being randomized GAs exploit historical information to speculate on new search points with expecting improved performance.

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