Migration and evolution of naga tribes in manipur

Joymati Thoudam and Ritu Mathur

Manipur which is located at North East region of India is largely inhabited by four groups of peopleviz; Meitei, Meitei Pagal (Muslim), Nagas and Kuki. The Naga and Kuki are the main in habitants of Hills in Manipur. The Naga tribe have migrated over period of time to Manipur.Hence, it is not certain as to how many generations have passed since the first Naga settlers arrived in their present settlement. It is quite possible that they migrated from mainland of China, followed the route along the rivers to Myanmar, and retreated to Naga Hills and other parts of India. However, it was also noted that from the mythical and legendary point of view, the Nagas emerged from the bowel of the earth. Their migration can be trace only from the folk songs, stories and legends which are handed down from generation to generation. There is very little published information with reference to these migrated tribes. This review paper explains the theories of the origin and evolution of the migrated Naga tribes in Manipur and also focuses to explain the origin and evolution of two main Naga tribe of Manipur viz; Tangkhul and Maring Naga.

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