Mass media for health communication among general public (a study in the state of rajasthan)

Sushil Kumar Sharma and Dr.Yogesh Kumar Gupta

Health communication is an emerging area of study focusing on communication needs of diverse audience in health sector. Due to its potential role in the influencing / shaping human health behaviour, health communication has attracted a lot of attentions from academics, social scientists, health care professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Mass media helps in disseminating health news & information among the general public. Globally health communication messages are disseminated through mass media aiming at improving the quality of life of the target audience. As a niche area of health communication, this study examines the roles of mass media in employing different strategies to develop health messages to promote the health of general public.

This study tried to explore the role of mass media for health communication among general public. This study is part of the ongoing research study on ‘role of mass media on health-seeking behaviour of general public’.

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