Maria irene fornes as a feminist aesthetic playwright with a search for feminist aesthetic and feminist freedom of individuality in a male-dominated society with reference to mud and the conduct of life: a brief analysis

Chelliah S

This paper attempts to project Maria Irene Fornes as an eminent feminist playwright of America and as a dramatist of pure imagination and acute creativity who evinced immense interest in writing plays with the sole intention of parodying society or behaviour and dramatizing what is already existing in the form of ordinary emotion or experience with a focus on her portrayal of multiple possibilities of human relationships and unique art of characterization using effective stylistic devices in her dramatic world. Tracing the origin and growth of feminism, it examines how her plays consistently reveal a precise criticism of stereotyped gender roles, an affirmation of women’s strength and a challenge to women to better use their own power of womanhood in all possible ways exploring and expressing women’s identity, potentialities and the nature of oppress to assert their spiritual and physical separateness from men, making it a point as a conclusion that Fornes is a feminist playwright women and their roles and issues investing her plays with sympathy, empathy and some sort of oppression, emotional or political plus the desire to free one’s self from any kind of oppression. In a word, it may be said that by critiquing the hierarchy, Fornes has dramatized the hope of a more humane, compassionate world, writing about women because of her strong sense of commonality and identification with them.

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