Mandibular overdenture using a bar and clip attachment: a case report

Kushal Deep., Viram Upadhyaya and Divya Malik

The problem of stability and retention of conventional mandibular complete dentures is far from a solution that is universally satisfactory. However, the use of overdenture therapy preserves the sensation of proprioception, preserves the edentulous ridge, maintains the border seal and provides the patient with good speaking ability and chewing efficiency. The retention and stability of such prosthesis is enhanced greatly in bar‑supported overdentures. This case report depicts the step by step procedure for the fabrication of a canine splint bar for a bar and clip‑retained mandibular overdenture. The bar was fabricated from readily available castable bar system and female clips were attached by an indirect technique. The mode of retention was primarily through frictional resistance. It is a relatively simple and easy technique, overcoming the limitations of the direct technique for clip attachment.

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