Key agreement protocols & digital signature algorithm

Shafiqul Abidin

Diffie-Hellman have contributes lot in encryption. The most commonly used algorithm of Diffie Hellman is – Key Exchange Algorithm. This algorithm is used to exchange keys through a network. But Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm has flaws and shortcomings. I have made an effort to propose a new key agreement protocol that combined the features of key confirmation and Diffie Hellman. Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman proposed first public key algorithm. This is called Diffie - Hellman algorithm and provided communication between two public channels. This is useful even without knowing each other. This algorithm provides a platform for communication over insecure channels. This is supposed to be the first public-key protocol. After implementing the said protocol it was incorporated with digital signature algorithm. In this research article effort is being made to present the verification of digital signature standard with respect to Diffie-Hellman. This algorithm is being implemented by selecting two integers in random fashion. This article will show that by using this protocol that the utmost secrecy can be maintained. Further freshness of key remain intact even after continuous selecting random numbers. A new protocol on the basis of key confirmation and Diffie-Hellman is also being proposed. This protocol is equally useful on the elliptic curve cryptography in asymmetric encryption.

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