Isolation characterization and comparitive analysis of case in ophosphopeptides from different milk samples

Saida Thahsin, Syeda Sarwath Fatima, and Emon Chatterjee

Bioactive peptides obtained from fermented milk have a varied composition and have a wide array of uses. This study was undertaken to isolate CPP from different unpasteurized milk samples which were fermented using different strains of Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and it was then characterised using appropriate techniques. The two parameters of titrable acidity and pH were standardized before commencing the studies.The casein, total protein and calcium content of CPP were quantified. The casein content was determined by the rapid Walker method whereas the protein content was determined by the Lowry protein assay- FC method and the calcium content was volumetrically analysed with potassium permanganate titration. This study represents the first comparative analysis of CPP with different milk samples and reveals a higher level of casein, protein and calcium content of CPP than previously demonstrated. The characterisation of the CPP provided detailed insights of its nature and potential uses, these bioactive peptides may further function as health care products providing therapeutic value for either treatment of infection or prevention of a disease.

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