Interference problem of machines embedded with fuzziness

Sivaraman R and Sonal Bharti

Machine interference is a significant problem in many manufacturingsystem and client server computing. Machine interference problem involve manyparameters like break down rate, service rate, machine production rate, etc. Due touncontrollable factors parameters in the machine interference problem may befuzzy. This paper, proposes a methodology for constructing system performancemeasures, where breakdown rate and service rate are trapezoidal fuzzy numbers.

Function principle is used as arithmetic operations of fuzzy trapezoidal numbers.Numerical example is solved successfully to illustrate the validity of the proposedapproach. Since the system characteristics being expressed as a fuzzy trapezoidalnumbers more information is provided for used by Management. By extending thefuzzy environment, the fuzzy queues can be represented more accurately by usingthe proposed approach, and the analysis of results for such queuing model will beuseful and significant for system designers and practitioners.

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