Influence of sustainable material in concrete structure

Ramesh kumar G B and Mary Angelin

On a planet with finite natural resources and an ever-growing built environment, engineers of the future must consider the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of structural design. To achieve a more sustainable built environment, engineers must be involved at every stage of the process. So in this paper we are discussing the solution for today and challenges for future. Solutions for today: There are many steps that each structural engineer can take to mitigate the environmental impact of structural design. Furthermore, there is growing demand for engineers who are knowledgeable of environmental issues in construction. This section presents several options that are available today for engineers interested in reducing environmental impacts. Case studies will illustrate examples of more sustainable structural design. Challenges for the future: Although short-term solutions exist to reduce the environmental impact of construction, there are significant long-term challenges that we must address as a profession. By facing these challenges, we can take a leadership role in matters of vital global importance.

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