Influence of ‘mn’ doping concentration on zno thin films by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (silar) method

K. Rathi Devi ., Selvan G., Karunakaran M., Rajesh Kanna G., Kasirajan K and Maheswari S

In the present study, Mn doped ZnO TFs have been deposited on glass substrate by modified Successive Ionic Layer Absorption and Reaction (SILAR) method by varying Mn concentration (5%, 10% and 15%). The prepared films were annealed at 250o C and characterized by structural, morphological and optical properties by means of X-ray diffraction, HR-SEM and UV-visible NIR spectrometer respectively. The influence of doping concentration on structural, morphological and optical properties was studied in details. The powder XRD revealed that the prepared samples have polycrystalline nature with hexagonal structure. The surface morphology of the films shows an inconsistency with structure results. The optical band gap of the coated films was found in the range of 3.3 - 3.5 eV.

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