The impact of pesticides on the health of farmers: a study in kolhapur and solapur district of maharashtra (india)

Ahire K. D., Magadum P. B., Chinchakar P. N. and Sasane B. S.

The present study was carried out at the Kolhapur and Solapur districts of Maharashtra, India to understand the impact of commonly used pesticides on the health of farmers. The 100 farmers were interviewed from above two districts; using self-structured questionnaire. The main objectives behind this study were to understand the use, sources of information and level of awareness among farmers regarding use of pesticides and occurrence of various health problems due to lack of proper safety measures. The study revealed that the farmers often use pesticides ranging from high to extremely hazardous categories. In present investigation, it was also observed that farmers were suffered with various signs and symptoms of diseases or physiological disorders and the relative risk. Adoption of adequate protective measures in farmers were lacking while using pesticides during daily agricultural activities which may increased the health related problems in the farmers.

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