Impact of minerals in health of pre and post menopausal women in north indian population

Soobia Karim Ansari

Background-Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of mensuration, resulting from reduced ovarian hormone secretion that occurs naturally or is induced by surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. The post menopausal stage in women is essentially an oestrogen deficient state.
Aim-Objective of the present study was to explore the risk of accelerated bone mass loss by assessing bone markers such as iron, TIBC, calcium and phosphorus.
Methods-This cross-sectional was carried out in 20 premenopausal and 20 post menopausal women in MLN Medical college Allahabad. Serum iron, TIBC, calcium and phosphorus levels of each subject was determind.
Result-Postmenopausal women showed marked significant increase in iron levels and significantly decrease in the levels of calcium and phosphorus as compared to premenopausal women.
Conclusion-This study suggest that post -menopausal women had low serum calcium and phosphorus which indicate high risk for developing osteoporosis, bone fracture and low bone mineral density than pre-menopausal women.

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