Hyper spectral imaging as a tool for fraudulent document investigation

Hitesh P. Vora, Kapil Kumar and Himanshu Pandya

Now a day’s document frauds increased rapidly in society. Forensic document examination (FDE) is most important branch in white collar crime investigation. Forensicdocument examination in conventional methods used for investigation like chemical methods and microscopic technique. In this study focused on Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) emerging tool for fraud document assessment.Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) as a non-invasive technique, has evolved as a tool in forensic analysis especially in cases of forensic document examinations. In this paper this most useful tool has been explored for forensic document examination. In document examination frequently issues of forgery of printed document, seal impression and fingerprint are encountered. Normally these prints are often questioned on its authenticity. Many times in document that prints on each other and form a smudge area on document. This smudge area is unable to observe writing, fingerprint, seal impression matter and arise question mark on its reliability. This paper is focused on distinguishing printed text, stamp impression and fingerprint on document. Here using VSC-6000/HS with HSI range is used to distinguish and photographs were taken for record.

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