Human rights in a decade’s back in manipur

Muhindro L

It is attempted to insight the modus operandi of violation of human rights. The main focus includes challenges to right to life like arbitrary arrest, abuse of AFSPA; Extrajudicial execution; extortion and killing for cash; violation of women chastity rape and molestation; and involuntary disappearances; etc. To insight the state of human right violation in conflict zone in Manipur in a decade’s back; To search the cases of human right violation caused by state and non-state actors in armed conflict. The armed forces carried out arbitrary arrest, torture and extrajudicial killings with impunity. The Central Government failed to respect human rights in particular armed conflict states in North East India which is proved by the various incidents. The security forces were responsible for alleged extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians. Both the State and Central security forces were responsible for the violation of the right to life.

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