Hierarchy level of location proof for mobile users

Revathy S and Hemalatha T

Location-based services can be implemented easily with increase of Smartphone users since 2008. Smartphone’s are in-build with Global Positioning System device, with help of it much application has developed and reached its popularity. In addition to services based on user’s current location, many potential services rely on user’s location history. User location tracking and storing in database are highly confidential data if user location details is shared to un-trusted user it may lead to heavy problem like user life risk issues. First developing a location based services suppose if a store wants to offer discounts to frequent customers. Customers must be able to show evidence of their repeated visits in the past to the store. The above applications require users to be able to obtain proofs from the locations they visit. Users may then choose to present one or more of their proofs to a third-party verifier to claim their presence at a location at a particular time. Hierarchy Attribute based Encryption is used to get the location details and location details are shared to the trusted user securely.

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