Fundamental principles of the parties in international business law contract


The purpose of this study to discuss, explain and analyze the fundamental principle of contract law International business. The method applied is normative, which are based on legal principles contained in the law, or set specific standards or norms against a secondary phenomenon by reviewing the data or literature. A fundamental principle of the parties in international business contracts are: an agreement made by the parties and a set of regulations governing the establishment (formation), economic activity / industry (performance), and execution (implementation) of the contract between the parties, both national and international. Its main purpose is to protect the individual expectations (asappropriate and justified by the law), business and government. Because the contract is the purpose and aim of "creating better conditions (eenbeterlevenbrengen) for both parties. Reciprocal agreements and the idea that the shift of wealth is Considered justified (feasible or Appropriate) along not only the will of the parties in conformity statement, but an element of balance has been met. Thus Spake the law of equality in international business contracts, achievement promised to be reciprocal.

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