Forage availability and feeding preferences of blackbuck antilope cervicapra (linn) in sorsan, rajasthan, india

Renu Meena and Veena Chourasia

Blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra) is a graceful, gazelle-like animal, considered as the most handsome member of the ‘Bovidae’ family. The IUCN Red list has listed this animal in “Near threatened” category. Blackbucks choose short grasslands and avoid tall grasslands and wooded habitats. Blackbuck diet primarily consists of grasses and herbs and therefore, there is profound seasonality in its nutritional ecology. The present investigation was carried out in Sorsan region of Rajasthan. Maximum grazing activities were noted during months of July-Aug while major browsing activities were recorded during March- May in the summer season. During monsoon, high-quality grasses can be seen in agricultural land and water resource areas of Sorsan, while in summer it mainly feeds on herbs, shrubs, dry leaves and fallen pods of Acacia sps and Prosopis juliflora.

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