Finite difference solutions of natural convective mhd heat and mass transfer fluid flow past vertically inclined porous plate with thermal radiation and chemical reaction

Bandham Saidulu

The aim of this numerical investigation is to study the combined effects of thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects on unsteady MHD natural convective on a viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting fluid flow past a vertically inclined plate embedded in porous medium in presence of viscous heat and mass transfer. The chemical reaction has been assumed to be homogeneous of first-order. The basic non-linear coupled partial differential equations governing the flow have been solved numerically using an efficient, flexible finite difference method. Graphical results for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles have been obtained, to show the effects of different parameters entering in the problem. Such flow problems are important in many processes, in which there is combined heat and mass transfer with chemical reaction, such as drying, evaporation at the surface of water body etc.

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