An extra-antral presentation of surgical ciliated cyst: a rare case report

Abhay Datarkar., Abhishek Akare and Jagdish Patil

The surgical ciliated cyst, also known as the "postoperative maxillary cyst" or "implantation cyst," occurs as a result of iatrogenic implantation of respiratory epithelium into a noncontiguous surgical site after sinus surgery.It is a locally aggressive lesion that appears as a delayed complication of surgery in the maxillary sinus region. In Japan, the reported incidence of surgical ciliated cyst after radical maxillary sinus surgery ranges from 3% to 20%, and cases have reported at up to 49 years after the intervention.Surgical ciliated cysts are rarely reported in the non-Japanese population. It typically presents as a well-defined radiolucency in the maxilla in young adults. Histopathologically, the cyst is lined by ciliated columnar, cuboidal, or pseudostratified squamous epithelium with mucous cells. We report a unique case report, in Asian subcontinent, of a surgical ciliated cyst of antrum on left side which was extraantrally presented after twenty years of surgery.

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