Event detection and alarm notification using live video surveillance

Poonam Solankar., Ashwini Jamagendi., KshitijaSamudre., Pragati Gaikwad and Yogesh Thorat

Due to increase in criminal and terrorist activities, general social problems, providing the security to citizens, private places, public places has become more important. Therefore watch for 24*7 is required in area of automatic monitoring. The video surveillance system does this job as accurately as possible. The video surveillance system described here is interfacing of camera and alarm system with the computer. Here the video is taken from camera and the unwanted entities are identified using controller and their actions are tracked and human is recognized using the database. In the project we are studying the different phases of the system with their detail explanations. The effect of this obstacle is minimized, in this work. The proposed system consists of two phases; the detection phase which is used to detect unwanted activity. The notification phase, and immediately after an accident is indicated, is used to send detailed information such as video, etc. to the emergency responder for fast recovery.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7798.1229
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