Evaluation of serum calcium levels in patients with periodontitis

Arulpari Mahalingam., Paavai Ilango., Vasugi Suresh., Kalpana Devi Perumal and Hemasri Kathiresan

Aim: This study aims to evaluate the association between serum calcium levels and periodontitis.
Background: Available literature suggests that there is a scarcity of information emphasizing the role of Serum calcium levels in periodontal disease when compared to dietary calcium levels.
Materials and Methods: 45 patients of both genders with periodontitis were selected as study subjects. Demographic variables were recorded. Periodontal Parameters such as oral hygiene index (OHI-S) and probing pocket depth (PPD) ≥ 5mm were recorded. Venous blood sample was also collected to analyse the serum calcium levels.
Results: The results suggests the significant positive correlation of age (p<0.001), OHI-S (p<0.01) and PPD (p<0.001) with serum calcium level.
Conclusion: This study concludes that there is an increase in serum calcium levels in periodontitis and its progression. Serum calcium level may be a useful tool to assess the periodontal host response.

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