To evaluate the cleaning effectiveness of root canal preparation using protaper next, mtwo and hyflex edm rotary systems by scanning electron microscope

Basavana Gouda., Mohsin Reza K., Abhishek Badade., Angel Bhagya., Manu Zacharia and Sai Bujji

Aim: To evaluate the cleaning effectiveness of root canal preparation using ProTaper Next, Mtwo and Hyflex EDM rotary systems by using Scanning Electron Microscope.
Materials and Methods: 36 extracted molars were collected and divided into three groups Group 1: Pro Taper Next, Group 2: Mtwo and Group 3:Hyflex EDM.
After instrumentation sodium hypochlorite in combination with 17% EDTA was used as an irrigant because of its antibacterial and organic tissue dissolving properties. Root canal of samples was dried with paper points. Then the mesial roots of all the samples was longitudinally split buccolingually for evaluation under SEM to determine canal cleanliness. All teeth were analyzed with the SEM at 20.0 KV and 500X magnification at the coronal, middle and the apical portion of the canal. Debris was defined as dentin chips, pulp remnants and particles loosely attached to the root canal wall.
Result: In this study all the systems (Pro Taper Next, Mtwo and Hyflex EDM) performed similar cleaning ability whereas the comparison between the cleaning ability of three portions of the canals coronal, middle and apical is considered there was a significant difference between the coronal and middle, coronal and apical and middle and apical thirds of the root canals.

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