Estimation of activity coefficients of electrolytic aqueous samples using ion-selective electrodes: samples collected from hussain sagar lake and kukatpally nalah of hyderabad

Eluri Yadaiah

Electromotive force measurements have been carried out on the system NaCl-Ca(NO3)2-H2O a using a cell consisting of sodium ion-selective electrode and an Ag/AgCl electrode. The data are analysed using the Pitzer equations. Further, samples collected from Hussain sagar lake and Kukatpally nalah of Hyderabad are collected and estimation of activity coefficients of these electrolytic aqueous samples was carried out using ion-selective electrodes. Aqueous electrolyte fluids thermodynamic properties i.e., activity coefficients, TDS, SAR and SAR(td) play an important role in understanding the behaviour of water from different sources which are useful in several fields such as Petroleum drilling, Oceanography, Geo-chemistry, Natural water such as sea and lake water Pollution, Biological and Industrial fluids. Water samples collected from Kukatpally nalah has more SAR and SAR (td) values showing the water quality found to be less compare to the water samples collected from Hussain sagar lake of Hyderabad.

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