Empowerment of youth through centre for skill development entrepreneurship and incubation-issues and suggestions-a case study of adi foundation in sri krishnadevaraya university

Veera Prasad M

The Central Government of India has undertaken a major step of providing skill training to the youth in order to bridge the gap between the requirement of the increasing industries to fulfil the workforce for various tasks. It will help the youth in gaining fruitful employment in government or private sector and assures the trained and skilled workforce better livelihood. It lessens the dependency on the developed nations for the sake of fulfilment of the skilled workforce. Numerous skill training programmes are offered by the centres of skill development to the youth keeping in mind the requirement of the industrial growth of the region. The unemployed youth are attracted towards these centres and are enrolling themselves in the courses they are interested. The youth especially from the rural areas need to become aware of the benefits from these centres and get consumed in these courses because it helps to lessen the burden of over workforce on the agricultural sector. The youth face several issues to pursue the courses in these centres and that should be addressed by the centre and state governments in order to encourage the participation of the rural youth.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7739.1215
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