The effects of service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction in banking: a study in turkey

Mustafa TAŞLIYAN., ArifSelim EREN and Derya KARAYILAN

Purpose: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction in banking.
Design/methodology/approach: The paper includes the adoption of SERVQUAL (Parasuraman et al. 1991: 420) and compliance and tries to define their effects on customer satisfaction. Randomly defined, 149 responses are gathered by walk-in customers and the data is analyzed via descriptive statistics, reliability, ANOVA, correlation, regression and factor analyses.
Findings: The study revealed that customer satisfaction is being effected by empathy, reliability and responsiveness. No statistically significant result is observed in terms of tangibles, assurance and compliance.
Practical Implications: The study depicted that Turkish customers are not interested in the compliance of the services. They are more interested in trust and personal qualities. The researchers may adopt the research design and the practitioners can pay attention more on these dimensions in service development.
Originality/Value: This study includes valuable information as it has a detailed literature review on the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction and it is unique as it covers most of the Turkish literature on the topic.

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