Effects of aloe vera on constipation

Shebi S and Preetha S

Aim: To demonstrate the effects of Aloe Vera on constipation
Objective: To study the effects of different forms of Aloe Vera on constipation and more efficient ways to use it.
Background: Aloe Vera can be used as a natural remedy for constipation.We can use Aloe Vera over constipation, as in the form of juice, gel or in capsule. Aloe latex is taken by mouth mainly as laxative for constipation. Aloe latex contains chemical that works as a laxative, which helps to empty the intestine naturally. Study will be carried out on person having constipation problem.
Reason: To find out the effects of Aloe Vera in treating constipation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.3302.0255