Effect of yoga on primary dysmenorrhea in secondary school girls

Yashashree Harish Shriwatri., Priyanka Honkalas and Ajay Kumar

Objective: To study the effect of yoga on primary dysmenorrhea in secondary school girls using visual analogue scale.
Backgound: Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation is common problem in women of reproductive age prevalence is 60%-93%. Primary dysmenorrhea is defined as painful menses in women with normal pelvic anatomy usually begins during adolescence. Yoga originated in INDIA thousand years ago. The word ‘yoga’ comes from Sanskrit root ‘yuj’ which means union or yoke to join and to direct and concentrate one’s attention. Yoga combines physical exercise mental meditation.
Methodology: 80 sample were taken by convenient sampling. Consent form was taken. Each subject was administered with a self-made questionnaire and VAS before and after 3 months. Yoga was performed by the subjects for alternate 3 days per week for 30 minutes. Yoga asana q bhujangasana, bidalasana, matsyasana, dhanurasana. Session was started with 2 minutes warm up exercise each yoga asana was performed for 5 minutes and 2 minutes relaxation was given after each yoga asana.
Result and Conculsion: Data was collected and analysed. Paired t test was used to compare pre- and post- intervention to find out significance. P value (p=0.0001) is statistically significant. There is effect of yoga on primary dysmenorrhea.

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