Effect of temperature on the hieroglyphics substantial and its role in forensic investigation

Amit Chauhan., Manisha and Shukla S K

Hieroglyphics substantials are the deposition whose authenticity has several issues such as authenticity about genuineness, identity of author or about the age of the substantial. These types of averment are found in various forms such as handwritten, type-written, or in printed form. The handwritten documents are often affected by the several factors such as disease, age of author, writing surface, temperature and often left in form of questioned documents. This study was inherited to analyse the occurrence of change in the anonymous letters due to the temperature. We analyzed the different aspect of writing of an individual which were taken in distinguishable situation; low temperature, at high temperature and the disguise handwriting samples. The study signifies the changes present in various forms of same individual which were identical. The effect of temperature in an individual’s writing is highly significant. Essence such as pen pressure, slant, spacing was most affected and were clearly noticeable. Individual essence such as presence of hiatus, letter formation, letter connectivity was seen in some of the samples. not every handwriting was affected but most of them were found to be affected due to the temperature.In the light of obtained results, this study of these essence can be concluded that the handwriting of an individual can be determined and the nature of handwriting i.e., whether it is disguised writing or the variations are caused due to the change in the temperature.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7122.1083
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