Effect of structured teaching package on knowledge of first aid skills among health educators in schools of himachal pradesh: a quasi experimental study

Vineet Kumar., Abhishek Sharma., Anjali Mahajan1 and Rahul Gupta

Introduction: - Injuries in childhood are an emerging major public health problem that requires urgent attention. Childhood and adolescence is the most vulnerable stage of life prone to injuries. Present study aimed at assessing the basic knowledge of the health care educators on first aid and subsequently the effect of structured teaching package on it.
Methodology: - We conducted a quasi experimental study in the month of August 2016 on all freshly recruited health educators in schools of Himachal Pradesh. A self designed, structured, self administered questionnaire was used for data collection. After completing the pre test questionnaire a one and half hour training was given to the participants. A post test was taken immediately after completion of training.
Results: - There were total 60 female participants in the study. Median pretest score (IQR) came out to be 10.0 (10.0-11.0) where as median post test score (IQR) came out to be 14.0(13.0-14.8). Difference between Pretest and Post test scores was found to be statistically significant with p value < 0.001.
Conclusion: - There is urgent need of training regarding First Aid skills of health educators before their appointment in the schools.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.8170.1304