Effect of the side of hemispheric lesion on severity of fatigue in patients with stroke

Nusrat Hamdani., Farheen Choudhary and Mehndiratta M.M

Objective: To evaluate the extent of severity of fatigue during sub-acute stage of stroke in outpatients having right or left side hemispheric lesion using Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) .
Design: Qualitative study.
Setting: Hakeem Abdul Hamid Centenary hospital, HIMSR, New Delhi, India.
Subjects: A total of 50 out-patients post stroke in sub-acute stage, comprising both male and female were included in the study. The MMSE ≥ 24 with no prior history of stroke or any other neurological disorder.
Intervention: Fatigue severity scale (FSS) scored the extent of fatigue experienced by thepatients post stroke during the sub acute stage.
Results: The scores of the FSS in Left side hemispheric patients is (6.0+/- 1.20) and the patients with Right side hemispheric lesion is found to be(3.83+/- 1-83) with p value = 0.000. Left side hemispheric lesion may cause more fatigue in patient during the sub-acute stage than the patients with Right side hemispheric stroke.
Conclusion: The fatigue severity scale scored different value in both groups of hemispheric lesion with provides us with the fact that specific physiotherapy rehabilitation program to be constructed for better and efficient rehabilitation of the patients. Family and the care givers should be priorly explained the severity of fatigue thepatients would be experiencing.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.6600.0975
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