Effect of sage on hypertensive patients

S.Vignesh and R.Gayatri Devi

Sage has been used as a traditional medicine for pain relief, protect the body from stress, free radical damages, inflammation of bacterial and viral infections. It is also used as a flovoring spices. Sage oil is also used as a carminative , antiseptic & astringent.The aim of the study to see the effect of sage on hypertensive patients,and the main objective is to see that how does sage acts on the hypertensive patients .The study population was about 15 Hypertensive patients of age group varying from 40-55 years. Sage was given in the form of tea for 30 days .Systolic and diastolic pressure were measured before and after in take of tea by using BP apparatus.The results were obtained ,systolic and diastolic pressure value shows a slight decrease from the value before intake of sage tea. So this study may help the Hypertensive patients to maintain their BP by taking sage tea.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.2686.0076