Effect of chronic generalized periodontitis and non surgical therapy on various haematological parameters - a clinical study

Tahira Ashraf., Suhail Majid Jan., Roobal Behal and Zahoor Ahmad

Introduction; Periodontitis, one of the most common diseases in humans is a chronic inflammatory disease of periodontium arising from a complex interplay of pathogenic plaque bacteria predominantly gram–negative anaerobes and host. Various systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, low birth weight and pre-term infants, various hematologic abnormalities have been associated with it. Periodontitis has been known to effect the number of Rbc’s, Wbc’s and various platelets in peripheral blood as a result of various inflammatory products. The aim of the present study is to investigate and compare various hematologic parameters in patients with chronic generalised periodontitis and healthy periodontium/ chronic marginal gingivitis and to see the effect of scaling and root planing on them.
Methodology: A total of 40 subjects were taken. 20 Subjects in chronic generalized moderate to severe periodontitis Group (Group A) with pocket depth 4-7mm. 20 subjects with Chronic marginal gingivitis/healthy periodontum (Group B). Base line values of various hematological parameters were measured. Scaling and root planning was performed on them and after 3 months, they were again assessed for the above mentioned parameters.
Results; Subjects of Group A had a higher value of all the parameters except for hemoglobin and SRP resulted in a statistically significant improvement in all the parameters towards normalcy.
Conclusion; Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory state of periodontium characterized by raised levels of Wbc’s and decreased Platelet and HB levels.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7300.1119
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