Economic benefits of tourism to the host community – a study with reference to poovar tourist centre, trivandrum, kerala, india

Rani L and Prakash J.W

Poovar is a small village situated in the Trivandrum district on the coast of Kerala. This village is one of the few which mark the end of the territory of Kerala. This village lies very close to Vizihinam which is a natural harbor. Poovar also has an estuary, Neyyar River, which joins the sea. This village has been an ancient trading center of timber, spices, ivory and sandalwood. The beach is a quiet spot, hidden away from the usual hustle bustle of city life or even the usual tourist humdrum that marks many tourist spots. Due to its small size, there are lesser numbers of residents. Moreover, the remoteness of Poovar makes it a fabulous place for solace and solitude. The excellent resort in backwaters or cottages can give a spectacular experience with sunsets, sunrise and mesmerizing natural surroundings. The sun-kissed golden sands, the verdant coconut palms on both sides create a magical and memorable experience.
In this tourist village, within few years more than 50 shops are established and more than 100 employees are working in various shops. For the study we randomly selected 20 shops and 20 employees from various shops, which are directly or indirectly involved tourism,to analyses the benefits of hosts through the tourism at Poovar.

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