An economic analysis of export performance of black pepper in india

Thomas Felix K, Arivarasan S and David Rajasekar D

Indian black pepper trade in International markets accelerates the growth of Indian economy. Studying change in share of black pepper to different countries, improve the welfare of black pepper growers. In this regard, an attempt was made to quantify the changing structure of Indian black pepper exports. The main objective of the present study was to analyse the direction of trade in black pepper export. In this regard, secondary data, mainly quantity of black pepper exports from India was collected from Spices Board, Cochin and International Pepper Community for a period of 2002-03 to 2014-15.The Markov chain analysis model was computed through linear programming method to assess the transition probabilities for the major Indian black pepper export markets using Lingo Programming computer package. Accordingly, USA retained 72.32 per cent, UK retained 56.98 per cent andof share of Indian black pepper export. that the countries pooled under ‘others category’, USA and UK would be the more stable importers of the black pepper from India in future and country like Canada was not found as the stable importer.

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