Draw press automation

Mangesh Ladole., Chetan Khandelwal., Niraj Kangle and Sagar Chopade

In the usual draw press machine, the safety of the operator and the productivity rate has a major role to play. Usually 2-3 operators are required for the operation and also the rate at which one product (i.e. production rate) is made is less. Adding to this, the operator is not safe while performing the operation and there is a high risk of accident which cannot be ignored. That’s where automation comes into picture. If we automate the draw press machine or design a new automated draw press machine, there this would also reduce the number of operators required for the operation of the machine and also increase the production rate of the machine (which is a requirement for the industry). By doing this we not only increase the production rate of the machine but also increase the safety of the operator (which is also an important consideration) reducing the risk of accidents.Nowadays as we can see the industrial areas or companies, most of them want to reduce the risk of accident which affects the reputation of the organization. Automation is growing and by the current scenario we can say that in the coming future all the industries will be automated. So this project is being one step ahead and improvement in many ways.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24327/ijcar.2017.7542.1174
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