Directional growth of l-glutamic acid hydrochloride (lghcl) single crystals grown by conventional and sankaranarayanan-ramasamy (sr) method: a comparative study by means of optical, ldt, photoconductivity, photo acoustic and polarizability properties

Jayanthi L and Prabavathi N

Growth of non-linear optical single crystals of Lglutamic acid hydrochloride by Sankaranarayana - Ramasamy (SR) method. The (001) face was chosen for unidirectional growth. The grown crystals was confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction (SXRD) and characterized using optical, Laser damage threshold, Photoconductivity, Photoacoustic, electronic polarizability and their properties were compared by conventional method. Results show that the SR method grown crystal exhibit higher optical, laser damage threshold, photoconductivity due to relatively high- crystalline perfection. The electronic polarizability and photoacoustic were also discussed for the title compound.

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