Development of cotton crop ontology: a conceptual and context approach

Mahesh D. Titiya and Vipul A. Shah

The Farming generally relies on techniques to promote cultivation and maintain the lands suitable for domesticated species. Farmers have many questions regarding the type of soil/climate for a particular crop, type of pests within crop, different diseases, timelines associated with each activity related to crop. So for handling such queries we need two things:
1) Knowledge based system to convert the queries from farmers which may be in non understandable form to an understandable form. This knowledge based system is called Ontology which is the key element for this project.
2) Searching mechanism which will perform search on the reformed query and display the list of matched documents.
This project is focused on building ontology that will be consumed by such a system, which takes input query from farmer, search database as well as ontology and displays the list of matched documents through which farmer can get enough information on the query he raised.

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