Determining stress in working women - a prospective study

Swathi V.S., Raj Kiran K., Pujitha K., Kiranmai K and Varsha Mahato

Background: Stress is a condition where adaptive capability of an organism exceeds environmental demands which results in physical and psychological disturbances. Early detection of stress by developing tools is essential to prevent illness among women and for better health of future generation. Aim: To assess number of working women having stress. Materials and Methods: We conducted this prospective observational study on 50 working women on international women’s day celebrations. We prepared a questionnaire, based on that we interviewed staff and noted down their response. We took permission from head of the institution prior to conducting of the study. We took consent from each participant and explained the purpose of the study. We entered the data in excel format and analysed with the help of Statistical software. Results And Discussion: In our study, which is conducted on 50 population, 13 members are vomited from study due to lack of interest and we found that most of the women (N=31) in age group of 21-49 years are having stress, most of the women (N=23) are suffering with moderate stress and most of the working women (N=26) who are suffering with stress are in teaching profession. we found that most of the participants having problems like lack of sharing of work and lack of trust on colleagues, lack of concentration, selfishness, thinking about work during leisure time leads to symptoms of pains (neck, head, lower back and shoulder) and psychological stress. So, there is a necessity of development and implementation of different time management plans to convert stress into Eu-stress.

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