Determination of leadership transformation, compensation, and communication on the performance of employees integrated services through job satisfaction in the department of investment city batam, indonesia

Jemmy Rumengan., Chablullah Wibisono., Sandro Maulana Syahputra

Department of Investment Services One Stop (PTSP) frequent delays in the administration of the file, so it is often the accumulation and delayed Completion file permissions. The research method used is descriptive quantitative as determined. The number of population in this analysis are employees who work at the Department of Investment and One-Stop Service to none in Batam City as many as 239 employees. Based on the results of the sample calculation 149.60 express the result of the which is rounded to 150. Furthermore, the sample used in the study was 150 respondents. The Data using SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) method. The value for the variable Correlation Square Multiple Whose value is respectively for Performance R2 = 0919. Tus it can be stated that the change in the determination of civitas is influenced by Transformational Leadership, Competence, Communication, Job Satisfaction and Performance by 67%. Overall, the analysis of data can be concluded all indicators for Transformational Leadership, Competence, Communication, Job Satisfaction and Performance are Valid or significant. In the direct determination, there is four much determination, and two were not significant, the indirect resolution is not substantial 1 and two significant, proved to be no problem on the object of the study.

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