Destruction of polythene; hazardous issue of environmental system failure & human health in urban areas

Amit Chauhan., Ravi Rathi., Shukla S.K., and Aanchal Sharma

During this phase of science and technology, the facilities have changed our life style. Whereas, our lives has become faster and full of comfortable at same time we became inconsiderate towards our environment. Being enthusiastically ignitable, the ingesting of the plastics has gradually augmented since earlier days. It is because of due to its elasticity, availability, affordability and durability in comparison of the supplementary constituents which could be used for same purpose. In this study, we discussed about the disintegration of polythene in open which generates the black plumes of smoke and toxic volatilization products such as carbon mono-oxide, dioxins and furans and other diseases that is dangerous to our health. It causes cancer; respiratory disease also affects the lower testosterone levels including the incorporated into the ambient environment acquaintance.

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