Desirable features and problems encountered by students of distance education mode

M. AyishaMillath., S.Aishwarya and K.Malik Ali

Distance learning offers enormous potential for students who want to attend a class but are physically unable to attend a traditional classroom. It affords a flexibility that many students find appealing.However, there is a general view of distance learning that it is challenging, intimidating and frustrating. Distance-learning classes can present problems for students in the areas of support, interactivity, commitment and technology. This paper covers about the problems faced by the students who are undergoing distance learning. Some problems like nature of study material, lack of multimedia instructions, insecurities about learning, lack of feedback, contact with the teacher, lack of support and services, lack of social interaction among learners, lack of student training and low status of distance education institutions exists. In this context, we arrived the desirable features of distance learning and problems faced by the students and valuable suggestions also given in the same criteria.

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