Design of street lights powered by solar power system

Sumanth B.R and Lakshmipathy N

Solar energy is the most promising and vital energy source to produce electricity in a current energy scenario. Photovoltaic cell is a device that converts sun radiation energy (solar energy) in to electric energy. When the light fall on the solar panel, it strikes directly to the solar cell, this cell absorbs the solar radiation. These solar cells converts radiation into direct electric current, each photo voltaic cell in the solar panel can generate 0.5 volts of maximum current. The maximum power can be achieved by placing these cells in-series and in-parallel can increase the total current. A good lighting installation is one which makes for good condition of seeing. The ultimate goal of the solar system will be to power the solar LED street lights and tube lights. This type of solar system is very cost effective in a way that it needs little expenditure initially and less maintenance care.

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