Dental treatment: patients’ expectations, satisfaction and dentist behavior in hail, saudi arabia

Ammar Ahmed Siddiqui., Asaad Javaid Mirza., Rashid Iqbal Mian., Adel Alshammari and Nawaf Alsalwah

Background: Providing an adequate care based on patient’s perceptions and expectations is an absolute must to accomplish comprehensive dental treatment because patients are considered to be the core of health care facilities.
Material & Method: It wasan observational study having a cross-sectional design conducted in Hail, Saudi Arabia. Two hundred samples were collected from eight different private dental clinics in Hail city using non probability, convenientsampling technique. Study tool was a self-administered face and content validated questionnaire. Data was displayed as number and percentage.
Results: It was observed thatpatient’sexpectations were belowtheir satisfaction level in most of the parameters measured.Compared to 126 (82.4%) who expect dentist patiently listen to their problems, 143 (93.5%) dentist did so. Additionally, 117 (76.5%) expected dentist to discuss the treatment options while 131 (85.6%) did so, whereas126 (82.4%) expected dentist explanation of the chosen treatment procedure, while 136 (88.9%) did so.
Conclusion: The present study resulted in an overall satisfaction level of 88.9%. We recommend further researches regarding this issue and expanding the study to reach governmental dental clinics and also emphasizing on the importance of patients' rights in community health programs.
Clinical Significance: It is an ethical responsibility of a dentist to maintain affirmative attitude with their patients, and they should explain different treatment options alongside their clinical outcome to their patients. The present study was formulated to measure that

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