Decolorization of reactive black b by paenibacillus dendritiformisstrain cs2a4

Nishant Junnarkar and Neepa Pandhi

Azo dyes are one of the group of synthetic dyes extensively used in textile, paper, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. These pose environmental hazard if released untreated in environment. Reactive Black B (RBB) dye decolorizing bacterial strains were isolated from the samples collected from the vicinities of dye manufacturing industries. Amongst these, Paenibacillusdendritiformisstrain CS2a4 was found to be the potent decolorizer and hence, medium composition and cultural conditions optimization was attempted to improve RBB decolorization by CS2a4 strain. Optimization of the cultural conditions and co-substrates concentration in decolorization medium, resulted in the reduction of decolorization period for RBB from 40h to 16h by the culture. CS2a4 could decolorize RBB upto 350 ppm efficiently (>80%) within 16-30h. Spectral analysis and TLC analysis of decolorized medium revealed the transformation of RBB dye into unknown intermediates.

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